Appsero Review 2020: A Year of Serving WordPress Developers to Make Their Business Journey Easier

We have come closer to the end of a year like never before. The world is shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, many parts of the world are seeing the second wave of the calamity.

But people all over the world have tried and trying their best to cope up with the new situations. Doing business from home, remote office management, depending more on eCommerce considerably are some of the measures we all have taken. Our internet dependency increased as we’ve all forced to stay inside. So does the email communication has seen a significant rise.

Even before the pandemic, email marketing was one of the most effective marketing channels. And, the neo-normal makes it more relevant. So what happens with weMail throughout 2020?

As weMail is a WordPress email marketing platform, and we have started our journey at the very beginning of the year, what we have achieved to help people sending better email campaigns? You will find all the answers in this year-in weMail review.

weMail Review at a Glance – How We’ve Started Our Journey in 2020

At weDevs, we’ve been thinking about an email marketing platform based on WordPress. Since we already have a bunch of successful WordPress plugins and need to send a lot of business and marketing emails all over the world. So, the idea was always in our minds, to develop an email automation service for ourselves.

This idea becomes bigger, as we started developing weMail back in 2018. Our target was simply helping individuals who professionally need an email marketing tool, and then the SMEs, who have larger prospects but have to care about their budget.

Most of the popular email automation service in the market is anything but affordable for small and medium-sized business. Also, WordPress territory has lacked such a tool.

Therefore, we’ve launched the beta version in late 2019. And in early 2020, weMail came in full shape as a full-fledged WordPress email marketing platform. One of the core things that make weMail unique are these –

  • It is fully a WordPress integrated email platform
  • Comes for free in the first place
  • Have multiple emails sending gateways/APIs
  • One of the best budget-friendly email automation services

So let’s find how weMail have done so far in it’s very first year.

User Started Using weMail – A year of Appreciation

Our total download has crossed the 19k mark in 2020. As of today, 19,169 people have downloaded weMail from the WordPress repository so far. We believe this is a good number.

More people are interested to use weMail every day. Let’s check out the below chart that shows a graph of daily downloads from April 2020.

Right now, weMail have 2000+ active installations. And all of them are using it as an alternative to the established email marketing platform. As you know, the industry is already over-crowded with a lot of powerful email tools. Apart from that, people seldom have to think of changing their existing email platforms.

But if you look closely, you can find that weMail is growing. And people start to be acquainted with it and appreciating it.

Since we have launched the complete version earlier in May 2020, the number of active installations is not overwhelming, but the growth is stable and is on the rise.

Core Features that Makes weMail Standout Among Competitors in 2020

At the weMail team, we always looking to give the best useful features possible to our users. We wanted to combine innovation and ease of use. This year, we’ve achieved this milestone.

So it comes with most of the prominent features a complete email marketing automation platform need. However, we want to mention a handful of unique weMail features that let users appreciating it this year.

A Solid WordPress Integration to Grow Your Email List

If you have a WordPress site for your business weMail is the perfect email marketing solution. You can install and activate weMail on your site in minutes, and start sending email marketing campaigns. Some of the major benefits it will give you are these –

Auto import user’s into subscribers: You can easily turn all of your site users (who have registered to your website) into your subscribers. For this, the weMail team has introduced WordPress User Sync integration.

Turn your online store customer’s into subscribers: For example, building email lists directly from your WooCommerce store subscriber’s lists is a piece of cake with weMail.

Besides that, you can use all the compatible WordPress plugins we have added to our integration list, yet there are many more things to come.

Multiple Email Sending APIs for Affordable Email Campaigns

Sending gateways in weMail are versatile, and we have included almost all the top sending APIs available in the market. You can start using weMail for free. And, then you only need to choose a sending API like Amazon SES, Sparkpost, Send Grid, etc. That allows you to sell at the lowest cost possible. The combination is unique.

At first, the process looks somewhat difficult. Though, integrating third-party sending gateways is simple. Furthermore, think about the advantage this will brings to you.

  • You can avail all the top-notch email marketing arsenal in one place with weMail.
  • Paying for sending API you like is way more affordable considerably.

This combination makes weMail a powerhouse of email automation service with the lowest cost possible.

See weMail Pricing

Opt-in Forms with Multiple Layout

Throughout the year, we’ve added a wide range of opt-in form options to merge with the different layouts of your landing pages. So you can attract users easily to take instant action. Let’s check them out –

Inline Form: Inline form allows you to place forms anywhere on your website. This also let you get subscribers to any list you assign.

Floating Bar: Floating bars are attractive. And they work on different stages of a user’s behavior on your website. This helps you increase your email list.

Custom Fields: If you want to innovate, have some coding knack, HTML custom fields will let you do whatever you want with your opt-in forms.

Besides that, you can implement Slide Up Box, or Email Subscriber Modal, too.

WP User Frontend Year in Review 2020

Grow Your Email List the Way You Love

Building and configuring email lists is one of the major challenges for any business. weMail smoothen the process of sorting and sending emails to your list of contacts.

You can send emails to multiple lists. And you never mix them up, because we brings you easy list segmentation feature. Also, you will be able to tag contacts for better reference.

Better Analytics to Measure the Performance of Your Email Campaigns

You can’t progress your way of email conversion unless you get a hold over your analytics. weMail analytics is powerful and easy to perceive for the users. Here are some core functionalities you will get –

  • You will get an email notification every 24 hours about the activity of your campaigns.
  • Google Analytics integration
  • An overview of your email campaigns
  • You can check how many times the user clicks on the links in your emails. You won’t require any third-party tracker

Executing Email Campaigns were Never Been Easier

At weMail, we have always wanted the user to get the simplest option to send their email campaigns. Are we live up to this promise? We are up to that, and users are speaking our mind so far. Let’s check the types of campaign you can send with weMail right now –

Sending campaigns directly from the dashboard: Well, you can plan and configure an email marketing campaign, and send it straight to one of your lists directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Standard and automated email campaigns: You can automate the whole process, and you never need to go manual if you don’t want to. Therefore. sending standard email campaigns and scheduling them will need some simple steps to go.

Rich template collection: We have beautiful template library. Also you can also customize them following your strategy.

We Have Added Some New Features and Integration in 2020

weMail is ever improvising. Following the customer feedback and the effort of our team, we have successfully added some powerful integration and features this year. Check them out below –

EDD Integration for Sending More Targeted Campaigns

This year we have brought Easy Digital Downloads integration in weMail. With this integration, you can track your purchase activity, increase sales, and utilize the custom segments & automation. This allows you to plan such email campaigns depending on your user behavior.

weMail is now Powerful with FastSpring

FastSpring is one of the most popular payment processing systems in the world. weMail FastSpring integration lets you sync all of your FastSpring order. Hence you can create an email list with all your customers from the FastSpring account.

Popup Maker for More Converting Popups

Right now, Popup Maker is the most popular popup form builder in WordPress. Recently, we have added this integration so that users can create highly customizable popups to generate more leads.

weMail have Introduced MailerLite and Active Campaign Importer

Though we have a built-in email list exporter and importer in weMail. However, we come to realize this is not enough. Users need way more options to sync their other list from third-party source.

So we have added the above-mentioned importer. By using them, you can easily import your database from your respective MailerLite or Active campaign account.

Now You Can Customize Your Optin Form with More Room

weMail is already powerful with favorite form builders like Ninja, Caldera, or Contact Form 7. From this year, you can use our newly introduced Fluent Forms, Formidable Forms, HappyForms. So, right now, you can avail the extreme benefits of using any of our eight form builder integration in no time.

We Launched the weMail Premium Plan

This was one of our big achievements since we have begun our journey. We started the year with our ever-powerful weMail WordPress plugin, which was absolutely free, and still is with all the superb features we have mentioned so far.

But a premium plan was necessary for businesses that always need a WordPress email automation tool with a bigger scope. So, at last, we have launched the weMail Premium in 2020. And this allows us to make our users happy, as they will get all of our features without any limitations.

Unlike any other email marketing services, weMail premium is astonishingly affordable. If you have an email list of less than 10k, our premium plan will cost you only $4.5 a month.

Lending a Hand During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic and its effect were devastating. The face of the world economy has turned upside down. At weDevs, we are never fell short of enthusiasm and earnestness to help people level up in hard situations.

Amidst The COVID-19 Outbreak: We are Here to Support You!

So, we have taken several steps, awareness campaigns, and giving affordable deals during the lock-downs and beyond. We send emails and encourage people to stay at home and show them still how they can manage to do business from their home.

As hard times aren’t over yet. So we are ever ready to keep believing ourselves and the people around us. You will see a lot of heartfelt approach weMail is planning to take.

weMail Becoming a Robust Email Marketing Resource

We are not here only to sell our service. We always want to build a community of email marketing and digital marketing enthusiast by helping each other. The prospect of this marketing channel is never bin so vast, and it is showing no sign of stopping.

Therefore, one of our core goals remains strong, building an email marketing resource that will empower everyone concerned. So, we adopt content marketing. Helping our readers and potential customers and guide them to learn how email marketing works.

Hence, we keep publishing top-notch articles in the weMail blog. Our documentation is also increasing, and it has nearly everything a user may need to install and use the product.

We are creating helpful videos and publish them on YouTube. Therefore, our professional community on Facebook which we have opened a few months ago is also growing.

We Are Looking Forward to Giving You More

So here we are closing up our year in weMail review 2020. Also ending a year full of tragedy and neo-normality. What we have achieved so far is promising, and we can’t able to say that without the tremendous support from weMail users around the world.

weMail is growing, and we can call 2020 is a year of appreciation despite all the harsh situations we all are facing. But we aim to the far better place to go with it. So we are sticking to our promises to making weMail one of the flawless email marketing platforms in WordPress and beyond.

We don’t know the future, but we do know we have no lack of heart and innovation. And, the power of weMail is it’s existing and upcoming users. You all have our greatest admiration and we want to thank you. Let’s keep supporting each other.

Gear Up Your Email Campaigns with weMail!

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