Terms of Service

  1. Purpose
    These terms of service are a contract between you or the entity that enforces this agreement (“you” or “your”) and Hostingrecommend.com on your behalf. (“Hostingrecommend.com”, “us”, “us” or “our”). By communicating with us, browsing our website or using our services, you agree to abide by these terms of service, our acceptable use policy, our support policy, our refund and billing policy, our privacy policy, our The server maintenance policy and our DMCA policy, each policy is by reference (collectively referred to as the “policy”). These terms of service may be revised from time to time, and by continuing to use our services, you agree to be bound by these revisions.
  2. Customers
    We facilitate your business on the Internet. We can only directly control the products and services we directly provide, and are not responsible for your actions, the actions of third-party service providers, or the actions of individuals who use your products and services (“end users”).
  3. Service
    Hostingrecommend.com provides many services and products to its customers. Regardless of whether you pay for the service, or provide the service in the form of a package or free of charge, any service you request or allow to provide on Hostingrecommend.com is included as part of the “service” mentioned in our terms and conditions Inside. Services may also be provided by third parties, and their services or terms of use may contain other or different terms, which will also apply to your use of their services. We may change the specifications or details of the service at any time, but we are not obliged to change the service. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of service changes.
    Website design and development-our services to design and build your website. This includes any other temporary work required. This is a separate service from our web hosting. The cost is calculated on the basis of the project.
    Web Hosting-Our service to host your website. This also includes managing your domain name (optional).
    Website support and maintenance-our service provides post-maintenance to maintain and manage your fully functionally constructed website. This is a separate service from our web hosting.
  4. Special Terms for Domain Name Service
    It is your only responsibility to thoroughly investigate and ensure that the domain name you have registered does not infringe the legal rights of others. We will not check whether the domain name you have registered or used infringes the legal rights of any third party. We recommend that you seek legal advice before registering any domain name.
  5. Terms applicable to all hosting services
    The bandwidth we allocate for hosting accounts depends on the package you choose. The bandwidth of the purchased service will not be renewed and cannot be credited during any period. If you need more bandwidth than you purchased, you can purchase more bandwidth by upgrading your account.
  6. Account Information
    You warrant that you have the right to bind yourself or the entity you represent to these terms of service before using any service over 18 years of age.
    account information. When setting up an account, you need to provide us with accurate information. You must also keep this information (including your email address) up-to-date while we are in the relationship. Sometimes, we may need to contact you via email about the service. We will not be liable or liable for any interruption of service or any form of damage to email communications that are misled or blocked by third-party applications due to your failure to maintain up-to-date account and contact information.
  7. Account Security
    You are responsible for all operations performed by you or others using or performed by your account credentials. All account access, passwords and other security measures are your responsibility. Hostingrecommend.com is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused by unauthorized account access or use.
    In connection with support services, you will be responsible for all authorized actions taken on Hostingrecommend.com using your login name.
    You agree to grant Hostingrecommend.com access to your account in order to troubleshoot technical issues with the account or server and confirm compliance with all our policies. For security, we will also automatically scan the data and reserve the right to change permissions, modify files, or quarantine files. These permissions are considered malicious in nature.
  8. Terms of agreement; billing and payment
    Before receiving your payment, we are not obligated to perform the service. We will provide services from the effective date and continue until the specified date.
    The exception is web design and development. We require a 25% deposit before conducting business transactions, and a final payment of 75% after completing the work.
  9. Termination for convenience
    For convenience, either party can terminate the service by notifying the other party in writing. We accept cancellation via email or phone. If you pay the annual custody fee, we will refund you the difference based on the remaining months before the contract terminates.
    Before canceling, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the service or the answer to the previous question, please contact us and request an escalation of your question. If your agreement with us has a fixed period, please contact us before canceling to determine the costs associated with termination. All cancellation requests need to be submitted to us via email (Hostingrecommend.com).
  10. Use of the service
    Your use of the service is governed by these terms of service (including our policies). Hostingrecommend.com does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted or continuous, or that you will be able to access Hostingrecommend.com’s network at a specific time, nor does it guarantee that any data transmitted by Hostingrecommend.com is accurate, error-free, virus-free, and safe Or offensive.