Have you ever thought about taking your children on a journey to explore the world, learn about different countries and cultures, and acquire new knowledge and skills? If your answer is yes, then you’ll definitely be interested in Little Passports. Little Passports is an educational subscription box service that delivers a themed activity kit to your child every month, allowing them to enjoy a rich and fun-filled exploration of the world from the comfort of home. As a travel enthusiast and a mother of two – a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son – I subscribed to the World Edition of Little Passports for a year. In this article, I want to share my experience and impressions of using Little Passports, hoping to provide you with some insights and inspiration.

Why I Chose Little Passports

There are three main reasons why I chose Little Passports:

  • First, I believe it’s an excellent educational resource that allows my children to learn while having fun, expanding their horizons, and fostering curiosity and a spirit of exploration. In this diverse world, understanding different countries and cultures is crucial, promoting tolerance and respect for others and sparking creativity and imagination.

  • Second, it serves as a fantastic bonding activity for my family, providing meaningful time for us to share thoughts and experiences. I enjoy watching them eagerly open each month’s box, reading about the featured country together, completing interesting crafts, games, and experiments, and engaging in discussions about fascinating topics and questions.

  • Third, I see it as a great preparation for future travels. Little Passports allows my children to gain basic knowledge about countries we might want to visit, increasing our interest and anticipation for future journeys. I hope that, once the pandemic is over, I can take my children to experience the real world and complement the knowledge gained through Little Passports.


Countries We Received Boxes From

We subscribed to the World Edition of Little Passports for a year and have already received boxes featuring the following countries:

  • Brazil: We learned about Brazil’s geography, history, culture, and customs, such as the Amazon River, Carnival, soccer, and samba dance. We created a Brazilian flag craft, played a memory game about Brazilian foods, and even tried a Brazilian dessert recipe.

  • France: We explored France’s landmarks, art, cuisine, and language, including the Eiffel Tower, Impressionist painters, cheese, bread, French greetings, and numbers. We made a model of the Eiffel Tower, played a game connecting French artists, and learned some basic French phrases.

  • Egypt: Our journey took us through Egypt’s ancient civilization, mythology, architecture, and hieroglyphics, featuring pharaohs, mummies, pyramids, temples, and hieroglyphs. We crafted a mummy, played a puzzle game about Egyptian mythology, and learned to write some hieroglyphics.

  • Japan: We delved into Japan’s nature, traditions, technology, and etiquette, discovering Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, kimonos, anime, robots, and bowing. We crafted a cherry blossom, played a guessing game about Japanese anime, and learned some Japanese etiquette and customs.

We are looking forward to receiving boxes from other countries, such as Mexico, Australia, India, and Italy.

Our Takeaways and Reflections

Through Little Passports, my children and I have gained valuable insights and experiences:

  • Increased World Knowledge and Interest: My children now have a deeper understanding and interest in the world. They enjoy collecting stickers, maps, and souvenirs from each country, reading stories and interesting facts, trying activities and recipes, and eagerly sharing their discoveries and surprises.

  • Enhanced Learning and Creativity: My children have improved their learning abilities and creativity through various activities like reading, writing, drawing, crafting, playing games, and conducting experiments. They approach different issues and topics from diverse perspectives, including history, geography, culture, and science.

  • Closer and Harmonious Parent-Child Relationship: Our relationship has become closer and more harmonious through our shared use of Little Passports. We’ve improved communication and understanding, shared joy and excitement, created memories and stories, and now look forward to traveling and exploring the world together.

Recommendations and Evaluation

I am highly satisfied with Little Passports and would recommend it to other families with children. Here are some recommendations and evaluations that might be useful for you:

  • Before subscribing, consider your child’s age and interests to choose the appropriate course and duration. Little Passports offers different courses like Early Explorers (for ages 3-5), World Edition (for ages 6-10), USA Edition (for ages 7-12), Science Junior (for ages 5-8), and Science Expeditions (for ages 9 and above). You can find more information and examples on their official website.

  • When using Little Passports, actively engage with your child, providing guidance and encouragement. Enjoy the fun and benefits together, making the experience more immersive and strengthening your parent-child relationship.

Our Travel Dreams and Future Plans

Through using Little Passports, my children and I have developed a habit and enthusiasm for exploring the world. We’ve begun discussing future travel plans, igniting mutual interest in different countries and cultures. This educational subscription service has opened the door to a sustainable learning journey, and we look forward to future adventures and exploration.

We’ve created a “Must-Visit Destination List” with our most desired countries and places. The children hope to witness Brazil’s Carnival, taste authentic cheese and bread in France, explore the mysterious pyramids in Egypt, and experience the beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan. These goals motivate us to work harder and save more, aspiring to one day bring them to these captivating destinations.

Additional Benefits from Little Passports

Apart from deepening our understanding of various countries and fueling our passion for travel, Little Passports has brought additional benefits to my children:

  • Improved Geography Knowledge: The children have gained a deeper understanding of the locations, landmarks, and terrains of different countries. They’ve learned to use maps, locate different countries, and can provide brief descriptions of some countries’ features.

  • Cultivated Observation and Critical Thinking: By reading materials, observing pictures, and participating in activities, the children have learned to observe and analyze similarities and differences between different cultures. They are beginning to think about why people in different countries have diverse customs and traditions, fostering critical thinking and cross-cultural understanding.

  • Expanded Language Skills: Little Passports provides simple foreign language vocabulary and common phrases, helping the children learn some basic language skills. The children enjoy trying out French greetings or counting in Japanese, creating an interactive learning environment and fueling their interest in learning new languages.


In conclusion, we are highly satisfied with our experience with Little Passports. It has provided us with a fun and effective way for the children to experience the cultural diversity of the world, igniting their curiosity. This experience has not only expanded their knowledge and skills but also deepened the connections within our family.

If you are also looking for a similar educational resource, I strongly recommend trying Little Passports. It’s more than just a subscription box service; it’s a gateway for children to explore the world. Armed with this little passport, children can embark on their journey anytime, anywhere, whether at home or in future real travels.

Let’s explore the world together with our children and help them become true global citizens!



Since we first started receiving our Little Passports boxes the range has expanded to include options for older children and one specifically focused on the United States and another for those kids interested in science and technology. 

This table breaks down the differences in content and pricing of the different options available.


Little Passports subscription packages start at $US 24.95 per month for most of the subscription packages if you commit to buying 12 months upfront. 

My tip is to head over to the Little Passports site where they often run promotions particularly on their 12-month subscriptions. The company also makes similar travel subscription boxes for older age groups. Here is the pricing for the Early Explorers box so you can see that buying a year upfront is more cost effective in the long term. 

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