Brandcrowd Review 2022

About BrandCrowd
BrandCrowd was founded in 2008, at the same time as its sister site DesignCrowd, and the founders are also the original team. Its central concept is to provide consumers with quality labels in the shortest possible time, but can they really do it?
This logo maker is currently only available in English and does not support non-Latin logos. Or maybe it doesn’t support Simplified Chinese because I tested it. However, accents and tildes (the Spanish word for “ñ”) are allowed.
If you need an icon in Latin script, BrandCrowd is a good choice – you can make your own logo and the price will be much cheaper than finding a local designer in Taiwan.
In addition to creating logos, BrandCrowd also provides customized web design services and graphic printing services. All plans are paid upfront – no free projects or templates are provided. Dedicated to bringing your logo to life without any hassle.



BrandCrowd is a good option for businesses looking for a quality logo design that is easily customized. The site is comprehensive and offers additional features, such as design templates for social media, letterheads, invoices, menus, invitations, gift cards, and more.

All BrandCrowd’s design templates have their own pricing, and users can choose to print their designs for an additional fee. BrandCrowd also owns DesignCrowd, where businesses can crowdsource custom logo designs.


  • BrandCrowd features user-friendly editing tools.
  • The logo maker features free and paid plans.
  • Paid plans feature unlimited edits and downloads of the logo.
  • There is a large selection of logo templates and categories.
  • Users can design logos for business cards, social media, letterheads, flyers, thank you cards, and more.
  • The site features a Facebook and Instagram post and story maker, as well as a YouTube and LinkedIn banner maker.
  • BrandCrowd’s blog offers tips and advice on logo trends, colors, social media designs, and more.


  • Users must enter their email address to start editing their logos, even the free logos.
  • While there is a large selection of templates, when editing a template the icon cannot be changed.
  • Users have to purchase an exclusive license in addition to the standard logo package for the design to be removed from the website.


There are over 3,600 customer reviews of BrandCrowd on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Most of these reviews are positive, with customers praising the website’s ease of use and wide variety of design templates. The customers were also pleased with the company’s excellent customer service and the ability to edit designs at any time.

Some negative customer reviews on Trustpilot complain about the site not being transparent in its pricing structure. Some customers have felt that the subscription structure was not made clear, while others wanted a free logo but were asked to pay for their designs.

BrandCrowd Features
Unlike its competitors, BrandCrowd doesn’t produce the perfect logo by asking questions, and it has nothing to do with artificial intelligence or machine learning. Instead, design your logo quickly and successfully with its vast library of presets and designs.

In the past I’ve criticized manufacturers who use this kind of logo generator, but that’s because their logos are outdated and there are very few choices. In comparison, BrandCrowd currently offers over 21,000 graphic designs to choose from, and (most of them) are beautifully crafted.

As you might imagine, this is not driven by incremental AI. . All it has is a huge library of logos, complete with filters and customization options. They all have trademark-based logos, plain text trademarks, and are available in JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG and PDF formats. The provided JPG files are even large enough for immediate document printing.

No, printing is not an old legend. People are still using printing, I’ve seen it with my eyes, I’m not old at all.

How many related trademark options you get will all depend on which keyword is used in the search, although technically it will show all trademarks, sorted from the most related ones. Searching for ‘stamp’ you’ll get a full page of relevant logos, while searching for ‘tech’ will give you more options with varying relevance.

Unfortunately, while the logo library can expand (over 21,000 logos seems like a lot, until you have to meet the needs of all walks of life), BrandCrowd does offer great and easy customization. It’s not perfect graphics programming, but that’s probably not what you need. All in all, you can design a completely unique logo.

The choice of fonts is extensive, and you can choose from a variety of preset colors for each element. Alternatively, you can use the color picker to pick any color you want, which is not a common feature as it should be. Some logos support color gradients, but not all. Additionally, your final downloaded file will include a PNG file with a transparent background.

You can simply change the design through the default layouts, or use the drag and drop feature to easily change layouts. Logo files are logically categorized, and you can customize each color. In short, you can create possibilities.

As far as I know, there is no word limit on your company name or slogan. However, if the company name has up to 129 letters, I strongly recommend that you change it to an abbreviation.

you can refer to
Each logo is partially handcrafted
It is worth mentioning that these 21,000 trademarks do not come from other trademarks, each of which is designed by a professional trademark designer. I saw a lot of logos that didn’t meet my needs, but I didn’t see any that were bad or very “basic”, the kind you’d see on an app. All trademarks are of a certain standard.

You can buy pre-made identities
Too lazy to customize a logo of your own? Want a unique logo? BrandCrowd sells both pre-made identities and logos. Once you buy it, it’s unique to you. This price will naturally be a bit higher than that of the average logo maker, but you can negotiate with the price offered by the designer.

There’s no guarantee a designer will agree with the price you’re asking, but it’s worth a shot.

Y You can make custom graphics with your own logo
For a little more money, you can use a graphics editor, which works much the same way as the graphics customizer. In this way, you can change different layouts on different social networking sites.

You can also choose a more professional option
You only need to pay a reasonable price to get access to professional designers. If there’s a logo that’s pretty much what you want, or something BrandCrowd can do for you, this is a great option for you. While not for every user, this is a great deal.