Quickly building a personal website, realizing a monthly profit of 5000$

Written in front of the article: Since 2020, we have been facing the COVID-19 sweeping the world. In the beginning, the harm did not show up. Global trade was closed gradually, workers were unemployed, the industry stagnated, and now prices index in the United States have soared. All these remind people that cash is hard currency.

So, in order to resist the crisis, how can we increase our income?

Today, I will introduce you to a fast and potentially huge way to make money. We quickly build our own website and earn 5000$ a month steadily. But what I must emphasize is that you can only follow the steps I said firmly to carry out. Only in this way can we make money while gradually building our own personal IP website.



Step One: Select the host
I believe you who read the article have mastered the basic knowledge of the website. Therefore, I will explain the basic concepts directly and clearly. When we build a website, we need to start with buying a virtual host and choosing a domain name. Then the question of what kind of virtual host is suitable for you, I can answer for you.

Through the virtual host provided by each of the above service providers, I believe you can make a reasonable choice according to your own situation. Use this to match your current needs and future plans.

FatCow is one of the very best budget web hosts you’ll find. They offer great hosting features and server performance for a low price. If you are searching for a cheap, reliable web host, FatCow should definitely be on the top of your list.

TurnKey Internet has been providing high quality services ever since 1999 when it was established. Located in New York’s Tech Valley Region, the main focus for TurnKey Internet is to offer adequate hosting solutions according to the customers’ needs. Thus, it assures reliability and a trustworthy hosting, as well as cost-effectiveness. Having customers from over 100 countries, TurnKey Internet is a green economical webhost, also being a certified Green Business Bureau member.

Network Solutions is a US-based provider with considerable experience in domain registration trade that is trying to make its way in the web hosting business with its accessible and affordable cloud-based packages. Although everything seems right on the surface, negative reviews from their former customers made us consider what we thought we knew.

Step Two: Site building tool
With the increasing popularity of personal websites, there are countless simple and quick website building tasks. My most recommended basic website building tool is wordpress. WordPress is a product that has been tested by the public for more than ten years and can help you quickly build the basic framework of your website. However, I want to realize a monthly income of 5000$ through the website. Just building a basic framework is not enough. We also need other website building tools to build and beautify the website. In order to have enough attractiveness in front of tourists and advertisers.

Through the website building tools introduced above, I believe that you, who are creative, can choose and use them reasonably. Finally build an exquisite and beautiful website.

Envato Elements is a service provided by Envato. Its primary purpose is to give creators, designers, and other access to an impressive, expanding library of digital assets. Envato Elements includes WordPress plugins and themes, HTML templates, fonts, graphics, illustrations, photos, audio files, videos, and other content. 

Step Three: Choose a profit method
There are many ways to make a good website. Today I will only introduce two profit methods for you. If you have other ideas, you can communicate with me via email.
Way 1: Choose an advertising alliance platform to earn commissions
There are many ways to promote each product, whether it is the current hot short video promotion or the enduring Facebook promotion. These methods can make money. In fact, there is an evergreen tree in the promotion method, that is, the advertising alliance.
What is an advertising network? The advertising alliance is equivalent to a platform, which has many promotion tasks. Every time the promotion effect is achieved as required, the platform recognizes the commission you earn. The reason why I recommend advertising alliances is because the current advertising alliances still occupy a large proportion of the promotion field. At the same time, there are various types of alliance offers. You can find areas of interest on the alliance platform to earn a lot of commissions. Next, I will recommend several platforms to you through the size of the platform and the industry sector. Of course, if you want to know more, you can google.

I believe that finding an alliance and following the registration process will definitely not trouble you. Believe me, there are more than 50,000 alliance platforms around the world. Explore hard work, and you will dig more money.
Way 2: Put Google Ads
Google search engine is still the world’s largest search tool. Both traffic and users can be realized. It only requires us to polish the website and activate Google ads. With the continuous increase of boutique content, your website is your invisible wealth.

Step Four: Website Analysis
Every industry has winners and losers. The difference between the two is nothing more than who can stick to practice better. The same goes for monetizing through the website. If you insist on optimizing and updating your website, you can create a successful personal IP field. The only thing that can’t persist is to face failure. So many people will ask their own website why the traffic is low and the click conversion rate is low. In fact, these problems can be solved through website analysis.
The main key points of website analysis are as follows:
1. Whether the selection of website content includes hot areas;
2. Whether the content of the website is vertical;
3. Whether the articles on the website can accurately help people solve problems;
4. Whether the selection of website keywords is accurate and able to attract accurate traffic.
Faced with so many problems, we can use the following plug-ins or tools for website analysis. Comprehensive analysis is more conducive to creating a more practical website.

Every good website is the result of the author’s hard work. There is only constant analysis, improvement, and perfection. Only in this way can we build a boutique website that earns $5,000 a month.

Semrush is a product that helps you optimize your website for search engines.

Created in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov, it now has a very large user base — over 7 million users, according to the company — and is one of the most popular SEO tools currently available.

Step Five: Make good use of marketing tools
If some customers sell products through the website, but the marketing results are not satisfactory, I think we should use marketing tools reasonably on the basis of optimizing the website. Currently, surveys show that 80% of small and medium-sized enterprises will choose e-mail for promotion and marketing. Today I will introduce two high-quality marketing software.

Through such innovative and automated e-marketing methods, I believe that everyone will choose carefully. So start your own marketing path.

Hundreds of ecommerce brands partner with Constant Contact to reach more than 350 million customers each day. Ecommerce Pro’s time-saving email automation has helped brands big and small increase their engagement rates by 60% and their purchase rates by 45%. Easily integrated with top ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Schedule a demo today and find out how A.I.-powered ecommerce marketing automation platform and expert support can take your emails to a whole new level.

GetResponse was founded by Simon Grabokowski in 1997, and the first office was opened in 1998. Since, it’s grown massively into a company with more than 350,000 customers in 183 countries, 300 team mates, and 15 years of experience! They offer a suite of software tools to help you nurture your relationships with your customers virtually including: Email automation tools Landing pages Webinars CRM and, Autoresponders

I often tell my friends that it is difficult to go from 0 to 1, but it is relatively easy and right to go from 1 to 100. Maybe you are an Internet marketing novice who read this article, and maybe you just decided to give up putting more energy into this industry. None of these matters. I just want to persuade you to persevere and learn more. No line is easy. Only by continuing to study and explore can we make achievements and success in an industry. I hope this article can bring you a harvest. At the same time, I will encourage with you.