How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with WP Remote Tool

Do you have an online store built with WordPress? If so, it must be taking a big chunk of your time for managing the website, plugin updates, fixing technical issues, and many more things that demand a considerable effort. When you need to focus more on your product and customers, these WordPress maintenance tasks would be a barrier.

To solve this problem, you need a professional hand. For example, think of a WordPress service plugin that maintains your site, keeps doing technical stuff, and even providing WooCommerce support. Thus releasing you from all of the hassles.

The idea is a reality now. In this blog, we are going to show you such a remarkable WordPress maintenance service – weCare. Also, we will tell you how it works, all the benefits, and how it can contribute to your business growth. Keep reading!

Introduction to weCare – A WordPress Maintenance Service

weCare is supporting 30000+ marketplace, it has a professional team of 40+ WordPress expert, 24/7 instant support, and every moment activity for your runtime

It’s evident, most of the largest companies and online marketplace are using WordPress today. In fact, 35% of all websites are powered by WordPress. It is faster, user-friendly, and easy to use. Anyone can use it despite having zero coding knowledge.

So the question remains, why any serious marketplace owners need a WordPress maintenance service?

The answer is simple. Running an online store or multivendor marketplace takes no less effort than running a local supermarket. You need to arrange your product from the vendor, manage the vendor, keep inventories, tracking conversion analytics. Moreover, you need to manage product distribution, delivery, and execute continuous marketing campaigns.

So when you do all that stuff, isn’t that become a trouble when a technical glitch run down your site’s speed? Or you need a plugin but don’t cope up with the pressure while managing the customer support?

We believe, now we all are listening to each other. You need a hand to manage all the technical stuff of your website. Then keep your site robust and out of any trouble when you keep busy doing your business.

In this regard, weCare is the simplest WordPress maintenance service right now. If you have an eCommerce or WooCommerce online store, this plugin can be a formidable WordPress manager for your online store. However, you can call it a WordPress maintenance plugin or service either.

Suppose, you choose a plan, the WordPress expert team of weCare take all of your site’s responsibility instantly. You won’t need to face any complexity after you get them once.

How weCare Helps Your WordPress Online Store to Grow

“Your marketplace, our care.” That’s the motto of the weCare support service.

All of its activities and assistance based on this simple line. When you go for it, the expert of the team takes care of all of your backend WordPress related issues and tasks.

Have a quick overview of weCare services:

  • It helps you to go on with a ready marketplace. You will get every technical support ready and instant fixes.
  • An up to date and faster online store will make you a smart marketplace owner.
  • weCare provides you all the security maintenance and updates. Keep your online store safe from any security threats.
  • You can get a compatible aid to shape up your dream online store. Just name an eCommerce or WooCommerce features, weCare will arrange it for you.

Well, now that you have all the basic ideas, let’s take a look at the top features aka advantages of weCare.

Fixing & eCommerce Care Services

Bug Fixing for Any WordPress Plugin or Theme

Bug fixing is a consistent pain among all the website owners. The expert web analyst of weCare always checkout for bugs in your system to fix at once. As it’s inevitable. You can’t have a site without bugs. But with weCare at your forte, you don’t even bother if there is any glitch and resolved ASAP. Thus it ensures a smooth web experience for you and your customers.

Payment Gateway WorkFlow Testing

Easy payment gateway ensures a happy customer and vendor experience alike. Sometimes, the system faces troubles or become backdated. weCare continuously looks after every phase of your online store’s payment gateway workflow. So, if any trouble occurs, you don’t need to worry a bit.

WooCommerce Issue Solving

Most of the common WooCommerce issues are plugin and theme conflicts, wrong product image size, wrong hosting configurations, etc. Moreover, if you sell digital products, easy digital downloads option may not appear when a customer making checkout. The good news is, weCare solve any types of WooCommerce/Ed issues with serious concern.

Product Edit/Upload

If you need to edit any product which is already on display or upload a different one, you just give a knock to your weCare assistance. That’s little thing you are going to do for this. And your store looks rich and updated.

Necessary Update Services at Ease

Website Layout Update

weCare team follows the latest WordPress trends and technologies. They bound to provide you the sleekest web design layouts, and necessary updates. It’s an ongoing process. Hence, you can keep peace with your online store’s layouts and handling customers and products.

Theme and Plugin Update

WordPress is open for third-party themes and plugins. But updating new themes or integrate a new plugin to your site take times, and extreme care. It needs certain measures and a lot of tasks to be done. But when you have weCare, you just let it know through instant chat or submit a ticket. That’s all you need to do. The rest assures by the weCare designers, and plugin developers.

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Core Update

WordPress makes the core update features available on the dashboard. However, doing it yourself or get the proper technical idea of core updates to need additional care. On the other hand, weCare WordPress maintenance service always keeps your WordPress core up to date if it fits urgent.

Content Update

As an online marketplace owner, your WordPress service should be relevant each day, bound to give fresh experience to customers. That’s why the content update is crucial. Therefore, weCare support team look after this issue. They update your content on a regular basis. Moreover, if you feel you need software or HTML updates instantly, just let them informed.

Security Check for WordPress Maintenance

SSL Certificate Installation

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a global standard to maintain an encrypted communication between your customer and you. You need to follow some particular steps to get this certification. Hence, if you have weCare WordPress maintenance, their support team will get you this one and any WordPress certification you may need in the future.

Spam Filtering

weCare enabled automated spam filtering. So, people who want to flood your online store with unwanted creepy links and comments, they will never be able to do that.

Check System Traffic Log Analysis

When and how your admin’s log-in to your systems, traffic log analysis lets you know this. If you see any suspicious login attempt, you can take measures at ease. It’s one of the key WordPress security aid weCare delivers.

Firewall Management

weCare offers total firewall management for your WordPress site. As a result, your online store will be safe from any type of security breach and malware attack. weCare has a strong team of WordPress security experts to keep your website safe.

Reliable Backup Support for WordPress Maintenance

Backup Before and After Updating

Without strong backup support, your site may always at risk. Each time an update takes place, your online store begets a crucial time. There are security threats, internet issues, bug trouble. Anything could have made a scene. So before and after updating your server, weCare keeps a flawless backup of your online store.

Backup to Amazon S3

weCare WordPress maintenance keeps your site’s backup in Amazon Simple storage service aka Amazon S3. It’s world-renowned and undoubtedly reliable.

1-Click Restore

With a single click, you can restore the previous updates you’ve made on your site. It takes only a second. Usually, WordPress already has this feature, but occasionally trouble happens due to your connection or even from WordPress. Therefore, weCare will be always ready to save your back.

4-times Backup a Day

weCare WordPress maintenance service divides a day into 4-quarters. Then they updating your site’s backup 4-times a day. This makes your site super safe and out of any risk of losing potential product info or server data.

Easy Website Optimization Service

Image Optimization

Heavy images turn your online store a slow one. Thus it takes time to load and eat up your storage so fast. On the other hand, all of your images should be optimized carefully. weCare team shrinks your image size while uploading. Then optimize every image with proper alter text, correct positioning, and all the SEO tricks it needs to get.

Performance Optimization

Well, this service should be one of your top reasons for getting a weCare WordPress maintenance plan. It does the crucial SEO and all-over performance optimization for your WooCommerce site or multivendor online shop. For example, weCare’s optimization analyst work-out behind the scene of your site, and turn your online store search-friendly.

Check for Broken Links

Broken links often cause two types of havoc. It impacts badly on your site’s reach. Then it hampers heavily on your customer experience. So check-up your broken links and fixing them is one of the effective weCare support.

Database Optimization

It’s one of the very sensitive things. Database optimization maximizes the speed and efficiency of your site. The weCare support team has capable database designers, administrators, and analysts. They work effortlessly to optimize your site’s performance nonetheless.

And, all of these features are just a glimpse weCare can do. They can bring magic to the performance of your WordPress and business at the same time.

Now, let’s talk about the size of the investment. As nothing good comes for free. But yes, we always go for something which fits affordable considering our budgets.

Pricing – How Much weCare Cost

weCare currently offers 3 different pricing plans. They are – Super Saver, Saver, and business class. Each package has several unique features, depending on which kind of solution do you need, they vary more or less.

Here you will find detailed weCare pricing.

Get Extra Care for Your Marketplace with weCare

Well, here we are at last. We believe you have all the necessary information about weCare. If you think it’s the best for your online store to have a complete WordPress maintenance support, weCare is the best solution in the market for you.

Therefore, we are mentioning a short checklist that will guide you to make faster decisions. weCare is bound to provide three core WordPress support for your online marketplace. They are-

  • WordPress helpDesk and maintenance
  • Fixing your problems ASAP
  • Complete WordPress Security

On a particular note, weCare specializes in online marketplace owner. But either you have a big company or you are an SME owner, it is available regardless of your scope.

So let’s make the right decision. Don’t you think it’s your time to get ahead of your competitors?

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