weDevs 2019 Flashback: A Year of Success, Customer Happiness & Becoming The WordPress Brand!

This is Nizam Uddin, CEO & Co-founder of weDevs. I wanted to personally give you a quick update on the status of weDevs and our team during this global pandemic- COVID-19.

Our leadership remains vigilant and is reviewing global updates daily. We ensure our policies stay in-line with the best practices to keep our team and their families safe and healthy.

We will continue to follow all of the directives and updates outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

weDevs steps forward to help the WordPress community for the sake of humanity. Check out all the latest announcements to keep you more productive in response to COVID-19.

weDevs Takes Effective Action to Battle COVID-19

We’re actively taking steps to ensure the following measures as a precaution. And we wish to continue this until everything comes back to regular routine:

  • We’ve canceled our trips to different WordCamps around the globe.
  • 🧳 All the weDevians have been instructed to avoid travel and large gatherings unless absolutely necessary. This includes WordCamps, WordPress Meetups, etc.
  •  Furthermore, our entire team has been advised to work from home (and to avoid public areas like co-working spaces, coffee shops, etc) prioritizing their well-being including others around with the best practice of self-containment.

#️⃣ We are using WP ERP, Slack, WP Project Manager, and other such productivity tools. So our team of 70+ can share information and stay up-to-date on both global and local changes.

️We allow full-time members of our team to take time off if they feel sick. This will continue to ensure that our folks are working for our customers in the long-term.

I’m confident that initiating these steps will guarantee our team being able to continue to do what’s most important. And serving our customers as best and as humanly possible during this difficult time.

weDevs Sets the WP Project Manager Pro FREE During COVID-19 Outbreak

We have been noticing the change within leading companies and corporations around the world. They are adapting to the change with ‘remote work’.

As a goodwill gesture, we’re offering you the WP Project Manager- Business Plan for Free to use for till June 2020. Now you can manage your projects and meet that deadline timely. Even if your team members are in multiple locations working from home.

During this emergency, it is vital for everyone to stay at home. And try to keep their work in the track without failing to meet the deadline.- WP Project Manager helps you to plan, manage, and track your projects like a pro.

The Ideal WordPress E-commerce Hosting

WP Project Manager is a powerful tool that comes with a complete project management solution and features such as Team Discussion, Milestone, Gantt Chart, Email Notification, Calendar and much more.

There are extensions that increase the value of this tool up to three folds. Check how we are managing all our projects here at weDevs with this awesome tool.

Just Click to Get WP Project Manager for Free!

Note: If you’re already using WP Project Manager- Business Plan then we’ll extend your license validity accordingly. So that you can continue to reap the benefits of WP Project Manager. And maximize the ROI that you have always expected. You don’t need to do anything to avail the extension as our team will take care of the rest under the hood.

Get WP Project Manager Pro for FREE & Start Managing Your Team Remotely

In this epidemic situation, weDevs is trying to help people to keep their projects inline. With WP Projects Manager you can easily build a successful remote team effortlessly.

It enables you to manage your work from home during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

You will get the following facilities FREE for 3 Months with this Premium Business Package:

  1. Kanban Board
  2. Gantt Chart
  3. Time Tracker
  4. Frontend
  5. Recurring Task
  6. Interactive Calendar
  7. Slack Integration
  8. With Other Premium Features And Modules

How to Utilize WP Project Manager Pro to Manage Your Team from Home (Additional Resources)

A short video tutorial to utilize WP Project Manager Pro in the right way

Start managing your business and team remotely with WP Project Manager during COVID-19 outbreaks. It requires only a few clicks to get all the setups done. If you are familiar with WordPress then it will be super easy for you to operate.

In order to manage your team remotely and run all the projects in-line, just the steps and find out the resources from below.

  • Upgrade from Free to Paid Version
  • Configure WP Project Manager
  • Create Projects from the dashboard
  • Add Task Lists and assign team members
  • Manage your task with WP Project Manager My Tasks
  • Activate the Sub Task module and break down the core task
  • Track Your Projects’ Progress & Get Summary Reports
  • Manage files, documents & duplicate projects with WP Project Manager
  • Check the schedules of each task with Gantt Chart
  • Sync your task lists with Kanban Board Task Automation

Yes, We Love Caring & Giving back to The Community!

We realize this is a very difficult time for many people around the world. Downtime, errors and many other WordPress issues are common at this stage which is the very last thing you want to deal with right now.

Our team dedicated to providing continuous support on a ‘24/7 basis’ effectively and effortlessly for the sake of our customers.

2019 was a great year for WP Project manager!

weDevs always care about its customers. And this is how we are standing beside our clients to get through this hard time.

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