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Dokan Live Chat with Facebook Messenger integration is finally here!

Live chat is the fastest way of communication for sellers and buyers, especially for eCommerce platforms. Live chat reduces waiting hours, gives quick solutions with on the spot answers, bridges the conversation gap, reduces unnecessary costs, saves productive time.

We have been getting requests from our beloved customers to add the Facebook Messenger to Dokan Live Chat for a few months. Especially during this global outbreak. So that our team has taken it as a priority and introduced the feature. Yes, now your customers can reach you through Facebook as well.

So, let’s not waste time and show you how to integrate your Facebook Messenger with Dokan Live chat.

How to Integrate Facebook Messenger with Dokan Live Chat

You need to follow some easy steps to integrate Facebook Messenger with Dokan Live Chat.

1. Requirements

Before starting, pls check that you have-

  • Dokan Lite
  • Dokan Pro 3.0.3
  • WooCommerce

Also, you need to set up your Facebook account (if not already have). Without a Facebook account, you can not set up this integration.

2. Set Up Your Own Facebook Page (Optional)

Assuming you have your own Facebook ID and Page. If not, you need to create a Facebook Account and page first. Let’s see how to create a page in Facebook with having a personal ID.

You can easily create a page in line with your online store. On top of the menu bar select the ‘Create’ Option from your Facebook account.

You will find few options like Page, Ad, Group, Event. Select Page.

You’ll get options including local business or place, brand or product, and cause or community. Create the page that suits you.

When you click on a business type, a new box will open asking for a few further details, like the page name and category. Next, when you click on a category, you will get large sub-categories. Just select your desired category and click on the continue button

Now you need to add a picture to give your page a recognition. So it is important to create a good visual impression. That is why you need to upload a proper image for your page related to your store.

Step 2 of the process is to upload a cover photo for your page. The image must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 high. Hit Upload a Cover Photo to finish.

Now, your page is created. Your page will look something like this.

Go to the Settings option on top right of the menu bar.

3. Copy URL & Add Domain

Now you need to copy a URL provided by Facebook and also you need to add your Store URL as the domain. These will help Facebook connect to your store.
Therefore , on the very next page, among the many options, choose Messaging, and click on it.

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If you scroll down to the bottom you will find your “Your Messenger URL“. Copy the link and save it for later use.

Now, you need to add Messenger to your website. Click on Get Started beside Add Messenger to your website option.

Remember, you need to add your Store URL as your domain URL. Hit Save. Lastly, click the Finish button to end the process.

So you are finished with the Facebook part of the whole process. Onto the next part of Dokan live chat with Facebook Messenger.

4. Setting Up Dokan Live Chat Module

Onto the second and final part of the process. However, we are assuming you have installed Dokan Pro 3.0.3, you need to enable the Dokan Live Chat module.

Next, navigate to Dokan>Settings>Live Chat.

So, to enable Facebook Messenger, select the Facebook Messenger option from the Live Chat settings. Hit Save changes to finish.

5. Add Facebook Messenger URL to Your Store

Remember, we told you to copy the “Your Messenger URL” to use it later. Now you are going to need it here. Go to the vendor dashboard. Click on Settings.

On the next page, if you scroll down, you will find options Enable Live ChatFacebook Page Id. Only add the number from your Messenger URL you copied earlier. Click on Update Settings to finish.

Now, once you visit your store, click on the Chat Now button, you will see a pop up with the Messenger icon. Whenever a customer visits your store, he/she will see this pop-up and can chat with you directly with any kind of inquiry.

Now you can easily chat with your customers and boost your sales through messenger marketing.

Read the full documentation.

I Need Dokan Live Chat Module Now

How This Integration Will Help You

As you probably know, over 2.6 billion people use Facebook every day. So Facebook has become a huge opportunity for eCommerce business Worldwide. Therefore, this integration will obviously open many doors. Because

  • 53% of users are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly
  • You can earn 15 times more engagement than any other standard ads
  • Average issue solving time-42 seconds!
  • Appeals to 73% of your customers, which is 44 % more than phone or 61% more than email support
  • You can develop more strong and personal connections with your customers
  • There is an option to promote private message links
  • Sharing location is easy through Messenger
  • You can attach documents.

So, you can see how beneficial this integration can prove for you.

Over to You

Among many exclusive modules, Dokan has the Store Support and Product Enquiry modules that are also related to customer support and service.

The Store Support requires creating a ticket and is only available for existing customers. Whereas, Product Enquiry is mainly a simple email form and is primarily for users with non-urgent queries.

However, the Live Chat module provides instant communication, unlike these modules. Customers get the experience of receiving quick solutions and get answers to their short to big inquiries.

In other words, it fills the conversation gap. Now, the Dokan Live Chat with Facebook Messenger integration will add an extra dimension to customer support. And that will surely give your sales an extra momentum.

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