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WP User Frontend is one of the most commonly used frontend builder plugins for WordPress. It comes with all the functionalities to let your users manage and work from the frontend. Also, you can identify your user’s detailed information with WPUF’s pro features like user behavior analytics.

In today’s post, we introduce our two most promising premium frontend modules of WPUF- User Activity & User Analytics.

WP User Frontend- Pro Modules

WP User Frontend is packed with all the features to build from self-serve event registration to a membership/directory site. It includes frontend dashboard, frontend editor & publishing, and frontend uploader for WordPress user profile, post submissions, and memberships.

However, you can build a community site in WordPress easily with WP User Frontend. Make your visitors more engaging by allowing them to create and manage their own profiles and content on your website. Most amazingly now you can do all these things with a single frontend tool without giving dashboard access to your WordPress site.

Fundamentally, the free version of WP User Frontend gives you access to unlimited post type form creation with some other accessibility as well. Perhaps you may unlock some extraordinary features with Premium Modules & Integrations.

WP User Frontend supports 20 premium modules that help you to integrate with third-party solutions for payment, email marketing, user management, membership, automation, etc. Today we will discuss two premium features of this WordPress plugin.

Give it a quick shot to unfold the usabilities of these two modules:

User Activity

This premium module of WP User Frontend lets the admin & registered users overview all the activities of other users from the frontend. So it enables you to get the information like:

  • when a user published a post
  • when the user edited it
  • the name of that post
  • the date when the activity took place

The module adds a new tab on the user’s profile. When a user creates or edits a post, all the updates appear under the Activity tab. All these logs are sorted by a database throughout the site.

Key Features:

  • A new tab in the user’s profile that shows activities chronologically
  • View all activities at a glance
  • View what post a user has edited
  • See what post a user has created
  • View the time and date when the event occurred

Let’s see the installation process of the WPUF-User Activity module & how it works.

Activate User Activity Module

Let assume you have already WP User Frontend Pro installed on your WordPress site.

Now simply go to wp-admin→User Frontend→Modules. Then, from modules, turn on the toggle button for User Activity.

Note: You have to first activate the User Directory module in order to use the User Activity module.

Frontend View

Now the registered users can check and see the details of user listings from your site.

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Now when a user visits a registered user’s profile, they will get 2 tabs-About and Activity.

Under Activity you will be able to see the chronological list of events that have been performed by the user.

This is how it will look from the frontend:

Let Me Check The Full Documentation on User Activity Module

User Analytics

User Analytics lets you see analytics data about a user when the user submits a new post that is submitted through the form created with the WP User Frontend plugin. This premium add-on collects user IP address, country, timezone, browser, and operating system information.

You may want to detect the geographical area and other technical information of your users. Now you can easily do it if you’re using WP User Frontend Pro to accept post submission from the frontend of your site. Simply activate the WP User Frontend User Analytics add-on on your site.

Key Features:

  • track your user’s country location
  • gather their IP, timezone, city, and what browser they are using to submit that post
  • get a better idea about your users

Let’s see the installation process of the User Analytics module & how it works.

Activate User Analytics Module

Navigate to your WP dashboard->User Frontend->Modules. Find User Analytics and activate this module by turning on the toggle button.

View Analytics

In order to overview the analytics information, log in to your WordPress dashboard with your personal credentials (not from front-end) first. Then go to All Posts.

Now find and click on the post you want to see analytics data from. (The post will open in edit view.)

In the post-editing screen, scroll down and you will see a box titled Post Author Analytics Info.

With this user behavior analytics, now you can track the location of a user when they submit a post. Also, identify which browser and operating system they are using.

Note: You can see the analytics data of the posts that are submitted after the User Analytics add-on has been installed and activated.

Let Me Check The Full Documentation

Know Your Users Better with WPUF’s User Behavior Analytics

WP User Frontend enables you to create amazing directory & membership sites, event registration forms, allow guest posting, and much more effortlessly in WordPress. Also, You can extend its usability by activating the premium modules as well.

So, which frontend plugin do you use for your guest post submission? Share your experience with us in the comment section bellow.

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