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If you’ve had a WordPress blog up and running for a while, you will probably have trackbacks mixed with the real comments, especially the posts and pages which links other posts to a blog. Also, with nofollow links being counted as backlinks, there is no point to 2-way links.

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# Disable Self-Ping Trackbacks on WordPress

Some people really like the fact that WordPress sends pings from your own site to the same location when you write posts. It gives them a trail of related posts. Some people do not like this behavior as it clutters their comments. This plugin disables intra-blog pinging and trackbacks.

> Plugin Link: no-self-ping | Plugin Search: “No Self Ping

Disabling Trackbacks On WordPress Completely

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Discussion

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Turn off Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks).

# Delete All Present Trackbacks Using Plugin

Earlier, there used to be a method in which you search for “[…]” which returned all trackbacks on your blog. However, It stopped working for some time and I had to find a new solution for this. That is when I bumped into the WordPress plugin called “Remove Pingback-Trackback Comments” which, despite not being updated for two years, still works.

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Once you install and activate the plugin, go to Tools > Remove Pingbacks-Trackback Comments and configure the settings. Here is what the screenshot looks like before cleaning up:

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Before you click on Perform Changes, it is a good idea to take a complete backup of your WordPress database. Since the changes will be done on the database, it is a suggested step.

Here is a screenshot of using the plugin. It deleted all the pingbacks which were cluttering my WordPress comment section.

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Once done, you can disable and delete the WordPress plugin. Another suggested step after this is to optimize your WordPress database. This will speed up your blog database and will also improve the overall loading time of your WordPress blog.

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Do you think disabling trackback and pingbacks is a good idea, or should we allow trackbacks to show our love towards people who linked to our blog posts? Let us know.

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