WP Project Manager Pro Year in Review 2020: Looking for Something Great Ahead

2020 has been a year of contrast for Dokan. On one hand, the world has faced COVID-19, the biggest pandemic we have seen in the recent past. On the other hand, we, the Dokan team, were lucky enough to help thousands of people overcoming the obstacle that the world faced due to the spread of the virus.

Despite the virus taking control of our daily life, the Dokan team did not come to a halt. It was more necessary than ever to support the people by helping thousands of new entrepreneurs building their eCommerce marketplace. So we continued the advancement of Dokan, added some glorious new features while also solving major bugs along the way.

As businesses of all kinds were moving online, Dokan saw more than a 65% increase in active installation and now stands at 50,000+ active installations, up from 30,000 last year. It was hard to support the sheer number of new eCommerce businesses amid the pandemic, but thanks to our dedicated team we managed to solve all your problems and support you the best way we can.

All these makes us extremely proud, while also making us more humble. We know we now have even more responsibility to serve you even better. In 2021, we will continue to do the good work with 50,000 dreamers like you by our side.

Dokan in a Flash

Dokan has achieved some astounding figures and solid growth over the years. Here is what we achieved since our inception –

  • 50,000+ active installation.
  • 300+ reviews.
  • 900,000+ total download reached.

We are always updating and innovating our product. We made it compatible with many different plugins.

  • 27 Additional Modules.
  • 65 Compatible Plugins.

We couldn’t have done that, without you.

Here is our brief overview of what we did in 2020!

How Dokan Started Out in 2020

Dokan started its journey in back in 2013. Gradually, we managed to take the top spot for WordPress multivendor marketplace plugins, having almost 3 times more active users than the closest competitor. It was just 11 days before 2020 that we reached 30,000+ active installation for Dokan.

We started the year with 70+ employees. On the back of continuous growth of Dokan, our team members gradually increased over the last 12 months.

We entered the year 2020 on the back of some very useful feature updates in 2019 like adding Dokan commission class, and enabling Dokan Admin Setup Wizard without being WooCommerce installed.

Empowering People Throughout the Pandemic

Unarguably, 2020 is the toughest year that the world has seen in a long time. 1918 was the last time a pandemic affected the whole world this severely. But unlike the previous time, technology is much more improved now and people did not have to face the lack of food and supplies as much as the last major pandemic.

A big reason behind that, is the rise of eCommerce. Dokan being a plugin that helps people build multivendor eCommerce sites, empowered a lot of people around the world in the same way. We have been closely monitoring the situation and supporting both our new and existing customers with resources and guides to cope up with this pandemic. For the heroes from healthcare, research, support, or any other fighting nonprofit units, we offered a 100% discount on Dokan.

Apart from that, we also offered a 25%-50% discount on Dokan annual plans.

We feel proud to help the eCommerce owners and frontline fighters who provided crucial service to the society in this pandemic.

We have Added Some Great Features

For Dokan development team, the year 2020 was a fruitful one in terms of adding new features. We have added some awesome features.

Compatible with Any Theme: We updated Dokan to be compatible to any theme that is supported by WooCommerce, so now you have the choice to use any theme that you want and make your marketplace look more personalized.

New Filter: We have also added new filter on product listing status and limited time promotion admin notice feature.

More Features: We have also added the options to hide vendor info, if admin wants to. Google analytics to show vendors store and other page analytics is also added this year.

Apart from these, we’ve also released countless small updates that will offer a great user experience for both you and your customers.

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Some Major Issues Were Solved

Apart from adding new features, we also spent a big chunk of our time fixing the bugs that you were facing and solved many of them.

Support has always been one of our prime focus. And our customers find it easy to notify us of any issues that they experienced with Dokan. As soon as we knew of any problems, we tried to fixed these as fast as we could.

You can see the bugs that we fixed in 2020 from WordPress repository.

Where We Stand Now

We added some awesome features and improved our existing ones this year. But what’s extra-ordinary is that most of our newly added features were suggested by our users. We are a customer-centric company and we tried to implement all the features requested by you on your favourite plugin Dokan.

Our user base has grown a lot and while we saw a huge jump in terms of member in our Dokan Community group.

Have a look at some of the mind blowing Dokan stats in 2020, Dokan overview.

Extraordinary Numbers

2020 has been prolific for Dokan in terms of download, active installation and customer reviews.

End of the year, we are now powering more than 50,000 multivendor marketplace with 20,000+ new active installation within a single year.

We are also easing on to the magic 1 million download figure having reached an astounding 9,00,000+ download in the early December. We can’t believe the numbers, can you?

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Oh, and did we tell you that we also got 70+ new reviews this year, while still maintaining 4.4 stars on average? Well, we just did.

All of these wouldn’t be near to possible, without your endless support and that is what drives us forward.

Development, All Year Round!

Our success this year was largely due to the collective team effort. Development team is the foundation of our company. Like every year, our development team did an awesome job once again.

This year, apart from 162 commits, they released 15 new updates. These updates contain some of the most important features that we have already talked about.

We have a development team of 30+ members and they did a great job despite working as a distributed team due to the pandemic.

Fresh Contents & Resources

Creating content for our users is one of our foremost priority. Because, with quality content and resource, you can help people more than any other ways.

We published 50+ new blogs related to multivendor marketplace that covers tutorials, guides, success stories, and many more. Apart from these blogs, we also published blogs on many aspects of multivendor business, including but not limited to Marketing, Research, Lead Generation, and many other crucial topics.

Our focus this year was to offer you quality articles that helps you solve real problems and letting you know how to utilize the Dokan in the best way.

We also become regular on our Youtube channel and published more than 20 videos this year. You can find all the Dokan videos from the playlist below.

Support that Thrives for your Satisfaction

Our support team has long been the frontline heroes of our company. They continued to support you with the best possible way and made us proud repeteadly.

Let’s have a look at the incredible numbers from our support team.

Our support team served more than 12,000 customers this year, which increased 146% from the last year. In doing so, they replied to a total of more than 53,000 messages. Just to give you a context, this number was 32,000, just one year back.

All in all, we were able to resolve 28,000+ issues that our user were facing, while maintaining 99% customer satisfaction that we achieve by resolving almost half the issues.

Now isn’t this just exemplary?

A Year of Growing Community

Thanks to the earnest effort of our community relations team, growth of our communities have skyrocketed in 2020. Both our page and community group has seen outstanding growth.

We saw a whooping 1800% increase in community members. Yes, you saw the number right. Our Facebook group now has a total of 4000+ members and if you’ve not joined yet, you might be missing out being on one of the most helpful WordPress group. We have some of the most lively communication on our community group. Click on the image below to join the Dokan Community on facebook.

We also gained 10% in page like and if you want to follow our updates and blogs, you can surely peek on the Dokan page.

Looking Forward to 2021: Awesome Features Incoming

Although 2020 was a year of distress for all of us due to the spread of deadly COVID-19, Dokan managed to grow and empower more people than ever. We also achieved some astounding figures, more any past year.

But 2021 will be even better, you know why? Because in 2021, our goal is to be more customer-centric than ever before!


Our plan for 2021 is to add some amazing features to your favorite multivendor plugin, and all these are requested and suggested by our customers.

Yes, you spoke and we listened!

We’re planning to bring in SMS notification feature, which will help you to notify vendor/customer when there is an order/order related update for all kinds of product. We’re also planning to add more payment methods for Dokan stripe connect.

Apart from that, we’re currently working to add cool features like Assigning delivery man for shipping from the admin panel. You’ll also get to select slot for delivery date and time. And most importantly, we’ll offer you a new and cleaner vendor dashboard design within a short period of time.

What’s more, you can also see commission report for individual vendor.

Yes, we’re looking forward to a busy year ahead. But it will be immensely rewarding as well, to be able to fulfill your wishes.

Here’s to A Glorious Year Ahead

We want to thank our customers for not just being with us but also for being the real heroes during this pandemic. Delivering the necessary food and supplies to the society while the whole world was forced to stay at home, is an exceptionally noble thing to do. We can only hope that 2021 won’t be like what we faced in 2020 in terms of the pandemic.

We don’t know exactly what the future holds for us. But we know this much that we’ll continue to innovate and offer you some great functionalities. Because we like to see your love for Dokan. And that’s why we are here with this ultimate Dokan review.

We’re blessed to achieve all the things that we did and we will continue to thrive for more.

Thank you so much for being with Dokan. Take love from the Dokan team. We wish you have a great year.

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