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Last month we released Dokan Lite version 3.0. Today we have come up with another good news. As weDevs is constantly updating and releasing its products, we are proudly announcing the release of Dokan Pro 3.0.

Dokan Pro 3.0 has been released with some major improvements and fixes.

Anyone who is thinking about owning a marketplace, the first name that comes to mind is Dokan. Because it has a rich list of features along with some exclusive modules that make it the best multi-vendor marketplace in WordPress.

Let Me Check Dokan Premium Modules

So, there is no surprise that 40000+ marketplace owners have put their faith in Dokan. Having said that, the latest release has some improvements and fixes that will give them the experience of owning a marketplace a major uplift.

Without further ado let’s get on with the details and find out what this latest release has in store for us.

But before that, a compulsory reminder

Before updating to the new version make sure you keep a backup of all the previous data.

What Dokan Pro 3.0 Has in Store for You

weDevs has always thought about their customers first. That is why we try to make improvements and fix the issues as soon as possible. Over 30000 marketplace owners rely on Dokan and that’s not a small responsibility.

Now, with the latest version, we are trying to give our customers the satisfaction of using a flagship product. Let see what the new Dokan Pro 3.0 has to offer.

Major Upgrade In Dokan Pro’s Performance

One of the things that frustrates the user is the long buffering or load time of any software. It hampers productivity and also disrupts the flow of work. The performance of any software fairly depends on the code structure.

The new Dokan Pro 3.0 has gone through a major refactoring.

That means its code structure has improved significantly. It will obviously help improve the performance of the plugin as it will run faster and load faster.

Also, you will experience a smoother and more optimized performance of the premium modules due to the updated and improved code structure. The codebase is reorganized in a cleaner way so that feature enhancement will be faster and less complex from now on.

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Documentation Link With Every Module

When we try a new product or plugin for the first time, the first question that comes to mind is how to use it. Blogs tell us the usage of the product or the plugin. However, we get the best idea from the documentation of the product.

Documentation is the user-manual of any product.

That is why it is important to maintain and update the documentation. We already mentioned that Dokan has some amazing modules that make managing an e-Commerce marketplace easy. For every module, we provide documentation as the modules are somewhat complex.

Auction Integration

But it is time-consuming to find the right documentation. Keeping that in mind Dokan Pro 3.0 comes with the link of documentation of that particular module built within. That way you can get the idea of how the module works straight away.

WooCommerce 4.0 Compatible

As you know Dokan is very dependent on WooCommerce. In order to use Dokan, you have to install WooCommerce first. So, if there were any conflicts with the plugin the Dokan users had to face some serious issues.

Recently WooCommerce 4.0 was released. Earlier, Dokan had some compatibility issues with this version of WooCommerce. But the good news is now Dokan is perfectly compatible with it now. You will not face any problem.

Other Notable Fixes & Improvements

The above-mentioned improvements were not only one. There are more fixes and improvements that have come with Dokan Pro 3.0. Have a look at the changelog below.

  • Now you will get an outdated template warning on vendor migration page and while adding a new product addon
  • When the vendor access the backend, he can see the Dokan menu due to store review permission issue (Store Review)
  • Remove required fields attributes on product edit page ( Product Addons)
  • Customer can place an order from sellers who are on vacation (Seller Vacation
  • Dokan now prevents duplicate order creation on stripe 3ds checkout (Stripe)
  • You can make vendor staff permissions label translatable (Vendor Staff)
  • MAP on the store listing page is not showing if Google API key field is empty but Mapbox (Geolocation)
  • Modifying the product from the Admin backend reverts the product location to `same as store` (Geolocation)
  • If the admin has earned from an order, only then refund application fee (Stripe)
  • Brand support for single product multi-vendor and normal clone products (SPVM)
  • Make store support template overridable (Store Support)
  • The plugin build process is improved with a script to upload built zips on BitBucket

These are the fixes and improvements you will get when you upgrade to version 3.0. It will make your life managing your own marketplace much easier.

The Reasons Why Dokan Is the No.1 Multivendor Marketplace

Initially, Dokan started out as a theme. But now it lets you set up an e-commerce store with WooCommerce. You can easily turn your WooCommerce site into a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace in less than 30 minutes. You can create a site for,

  • Electronics shop
  • Air BnB
  • Baby Shop
  • Envato Themes and many more.

You can start your eCommerce site with only Dokan lite. But if you want to take your marketplace to the next level then you will need the exclusive features of the Dokan Pro version. It has,

  • Best frontend experience
  • Supports 20+ modules
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce themes
  • Multiple product types
  • You can easily set product attributes, shipping, downloadable products, set expiration to downloadable products, etc
  • Multiple commission types (percentage, flat, combine)
  • Custom widgets (Best vendor, Featured vendor, etc.)
  • Coupons feature with expiry and restrictions options
  • Detailed Reports and Statements
  • Bird’s eye view of site-wide sales and earning both for admins and vendors

Bonus: Dokan Lite 3.0.2 Released

If you want to start your marketplace right away then you can start with the free version. It has enough features to get you started. Last month Dokan Lite 3.0 was released with some exclusive updates. Keeping up with the trend we have now released Dokan Lite 3.0.2 with some more improvements and fixes.

Now, you can experience more smooth and optimization while managing your marketplace.

Download & Try Dokan Lite 3.0.2

Final Words on Dokan Pro 3.0

WooCommerce lets you create only a single multivendor marketplace whereas with Dokan you can create a multivendor marketplace within 30 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy and start building your own marketplace now!

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