How To Delete All Trackbacks On A WordPress Blog & Disable Self Pings

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WordPress is the best blogging platform. You can find a lot of free WordPress themes and plugins to enhance your blogging experience but still for some reasons you may need to tackle with the coding of your WordPress blog. If you are aware of WordPress tags and codes, you can easily do anything with your WordPress blog.

This article provides a list of the best 12 WordPress cheat sheets that will help you in developing your WordPress theme and plugin as well as these are helpful in SEO of your blog.

If you are a WordPress coder or developer, you might like to download these cheat sheet and use it for your future reference. Especially, if you are into WordPress plugin or theme development, you will find these cheatsheets very useful. Most of the sheets listed here are designed for WordPress 3.0+, so you will have no issues using it with the latest version of WordPress. Though I have added links to the source, and you can check the version compatibility there.

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WordPress Cheat Sheet templates that you can  print:

1. WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet Infographic

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2. Complete WordPress Cheat Sheet

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Complete WordPress Cheat Sheet

3. WordPress Template Designer CheatSheet

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WordPress Template Designer CheatSheet

4. Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

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Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

5 WordPress Template TAG Reference Guide

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WordPress Template TAG Reference Guide

6. WordPress Template Tags

Moving From BlogSpot to WordPress Experience

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WordPress Template Tags

7. WordPress Plugin API Cheat Sheet

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WordPress Plugin API Cheat Sheet


8. WordPress Developer Cheat Sheet

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WordPress Developer Cheat Sheet

9 Cheat Sheet SEO For WordPress

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Cheat Sheet SEO For WordPress

10. WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet

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WordPress SEO Cheat Sheet

11. The Time Saving Copy/Paste WordPress Cheat Sheet

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12. The Ultimate WordPress Cheatsheet

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I hope you enjoyed this resource and don’t forget to check out ShoutMeLoud WordPress guide for more resource on WordPress.

 If you are a WordPress user, these cheat sheets will come very handy to you for references. If you like this post and find it useful, don’t forget to stumble and tweet this post.

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