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Want to attract more local customers to your business but don’t know how to start?

Getting local customers is a must for any business and it requires certain measures and steps to follow. Without attentive clients, you can not face your competitors, no matter how excellent your products or services are.

If you are running a small business you may know the hard times of an owner. Most of the time customers are actually not familiar with the local products for the lack of proper marketing strategy.

But don’t worry. In this blog, you will find some proven tips that can actually work. So, let’s start!

How Does Local Marketing Actually Work

97% of people learn more about a local company online than any other medium. 88% of mobile online searches for local businesses result in either a call or business visit within one day.


Local marketing is focusing on the customers who live in the same locality as your company or organization. It is also called neighborhood marketing or local store marketing.

This marketing method is overlooked by small businesses most of the time. But, reaching local customers is much easier than reaching global customers.

Besides that, most of the local clients evidently believe in local businesses rather than country outside markets. One of the best keys to attracting local customers in your business is successfully using the buyer persona. These fact-based fictional personas help you to understand which types of people how to react to new products and businesses in your locality.

Well, let’s get to point now.

Best Ways to Attract Local Customer to Your Business

Our listed methods are proved by different well-known marketers. It is difficult to maintain all of them but each way will be effective for your both online and offline store.

1. Set Up Free Listing with Google

Last year 97% of customers search for a local business on the internet. And 73% of customers trust the local industry for positive online reviews. 

So, the first step is to list your business on Google where the internet users search for varifying any shop or store. Suppose, whenever you need something, and don’t want to go outside, you made a search on Google, right? Similar things happen to local customers.

Google business listing is absolutely free and it will be easier to attract your local customers. 

For listing your shop, you must include the following information in Google-

  • Business Name
  • Business Category
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Hours (Open and Close)
  • Website Link
  • Photos
  • Directions to your Shop

There will be a review section where all the reviews from your customers and visitors will be public. Plus, your client can add photos in this section. If you run a well business, these options will help you to boost your business organically. 

Besides that, the customer’s star rating will encourage others to buy products from you. A study shows that 94% of customers will purchase from you with even a 4-star rating.

2. Set Up Google Alerts

Do you want to get alert whenever someone talking about your business or giving a review? Google Alerts gives you this opportunity. Anytime if a response is made, you can react through it instantly. That’s how you make connections to attract local customers in your business.


When your local business or any other related keyword publish on the internet, you will get notified via the email. This will inform you of the latest news about your business whether it is negative or positive.  

Suppose, anyone, comments negatively about your store or company online. You will get the notification through Google Alert and can act according to that. 

On the other hand, if anyone posts about the good side of your business, you can share it on your social platform or on your website. It will speed up your sale, undoubtedly. 

3. Build and Connect with A Local Community

Without a community, you can not unite with the residents and local company owners. This connection will make you stronger than before. Also, they will help you to understand the possibilities and risks.

Here, we will advise you to join a local Chamber of Commerce which may cost an annual fee. You have to attend the event and meetings where you can explore your business and products. Other business owners will know about your products. Therefore, you may even make new partnerships.

Business News Daily provided some formula to join your local business community that can also attract local clients. They are-

  • Arranging workshops for local businesses
  • You can sponsor local events and charity works
  • Consistently join national local business week events

Will you have to face competitors? Yes, it is possible but also you have the opportunity for the business directly. 

In case, you are a tech device provider. Any business owner may need 20 pieces of display for his/ her company. Definitely, the person would like to talk to complete the deal with you. As you are in the same community. 

4. Free Offers Inspire and Attract Local Customers

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Providing free products or service do three essential positive and impressive things in your business.

  1. People know about your existence
  2. Provide you a chance to show your quality
  3. Gather future customer

For example, you want to start a new juice bar in your locality. So, you want a large advertisement and kick start of your business. 

For one day you can offer Free Juice for the First 100 People Only. You also know, lots of people will come to grab the offer. It is the influence of a free offer!

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After drinking your juice, people will return to you if they found it fresh and tastier than the juice in other shops. Those people will share an excellent experience with more people and there is no doubt you will get a huge number of customers. 

Moreover, if you know the way to ask positive reviews from your clients then it can boost your business.

5. Offer Discounts and Deals to Gain Attention

We have seen the power of Free Offer. Just like that, discounts and deals have also a good effect on your business. It is a low-cost yet creative method to attract local customers. 

Don’t you get excited while you see 50% discounts on any favorite products? And, most of the time you can’t resist yourself from buying. 

So, it is a huge opportunity to introduce your business to local customers with a bang. In fact, your sale will raise after giving any discounts. Besides that, you can promote your brand. 

6. Run Contests to Attract Local Customers

People will get involved with your business when they will see a contest. Though offline contents are great with the online contest, you can engage more clients. Moreover, the online contest will enrich the social media account of your business. 

For example, you are running a food corner. So, you can ask your followers to post their favorite food pictures. Now, select a winner based on who gets the most reactions. As a gift, you can offer a free meal for the winner. 

The entire concept behind the contest is to develop your social media audience. This marketing strategy turns your visitors into customers. It is one of the best ways to attract local customers without paying a penny. 

7. Open a Website for Your Business

A website reflects your authenticity, it doesn’t matter you are running a small or large business. Even you can create a single page. But you should have an address on the internet. 

If you provide content according to your products or service, you can get original customers. When local customers search for a product on the internet, it will be great for your business if they find your website. 

One more important thing, don’t forget to make your website mobile-friendly for each valuable customers. Today, more than 50% of website traffic comes through mobile visits.

Owning a website is not that expensive. If you are searching for a free website then start from WordPress. Here you can find a detailed guide on how to build a website. More essentially, don’t forget to add your contact information (Address, Phone Number, Gmail Address, and Social Media Link). 

8. Launch a Mobile App to Represent Your Business

I can bet most of your customers use a mobile device for regular browsing. And, they always like to use mobile apps. So, if you have the funding to create a simple yet insightful app for your business, don’t delay to make it as soon as possible. 

Because a study shows 63% of consumers like to buy products from apps rather than websites as it is more convenient.  

You may not feel the necessity of a mobile app for your business right now. But my friend the future of business is for them who are available in every aspect of technology. 

weDevs has a product called Dokan, recently they have built an app for this multivendor marketplace builder. The customers like to use it so much. And, the popularity is rising day by day.

9. Be on Social media to Attract Local Customers

Everyone is now present in social media. A December 2012 research shows that even the African continent has over 50 million regular Facebook users. I think you can imagine the number right now!

Thus, most of the business is done online as it’s easy to purchase there. So, your business is not on the social media you are way behind than your competitors. Open page or group for your business on Facebook and Twitter (most of the online buyers use these social platforms).  

However, by spending 10-20$ you can attract thousands of people for 7-30 days. You can choose a lot of options like male/ female customers, age restriction, locality, and more. 

10. Enhance Your Customer Service

After following all those marketing strategies everything can ruin at a moment by poor customer service. And, as you are expecting to connect with the local customer, they won’t forgive you for your bad service.

When you post about your product on the website or social media, always write about your customer service. The popular and trusty customer services are-

  • 24/7 available to contact
  • After buying home service
  • On-time product delivery
  • 14 or 30 days moneyback policy
  • And many more

These good customer services will boost your business eventually. So, your customers will always like to come back to you. Moreover, they will recommend your store to their friends and family. Thus, customer service is also a secret weapon of marketing strategy. 

Attract Local Customers by Optimizing Your Marketing Skills

Sometimes people think that convincing local customers are not that hard. But, you have to remember they know the whole locality and can take steps if you provide any wrong product or delivery. You will lose the whole local market at a glance. 

Be honest in your business and take every step by thinking about the pain point of your clients. Ask yourself what will make them happier and how can you become their trustworthy seller. These two questions can make you successful. 

So, if all the methods seem a bit difficult, you can skip some of them. But never miss to Set up Google ListingGoogle AlertSocial Media maintaining, and Best Customer Service. They can change the scenario of your business quickly. In this pandemic, you should do some research on your customer behavior as well.

Do you want to build an online marketplace for your business? What if you can build a pro-looked online shop without knowing any code? Well, it is possible with Dokan.

If you need any further information or suggestion feel free to knock us on the comment section below. 

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